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  • Hosiery Gloves
    The life of delicate hosiery can be extended by wearing these simple but effective hosiery gloves to put on or take off your new stockings.
    Avoid the annoyance of snagging your purchase on a rough nail or chapped skin.
    Made of stretchy nylon jersey, they fit snuggly and comfortably to any hand.
    Lightweight, so they will not take up any space in your lingerie drawer and can easily be popped into a handbag when out and about.
    An inexpensive way to protect your new stockings, so add a pair or two to your stocking order today.
    Available in two sizes, small and large.


  • Bijoux Indiscrets Flash – Bolt Gold Nipple Covers

    Glitter self-adhesive nipple covers.

    Superwoman! Reveal your true identity and make him succumb using the full power of your super charms with FLASH, the collection of shimmering body decorations by Bijoux Indiscrets.

    Seduction with FLASH never ends: the decorations are reusable and they adapt to all types of breasts.

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Happily Ever After Bridal Set

    As the fairytale draws to a close, the fun can begin. Invite your Prince Charming for a night he will never forget.

    This teasing bridal set contains a satin garter with bow, satin handcuffs, satin pasties and feather tickler.

  • What Katie Did Long Satin Gloves

    Unleash your inner Gilda with these opera-length satin evening gloves by What Katie Did. They work wonderfully with fashions from almost any time period, having been popular for over three hundred years. Whether you’re a burlesque star, Steampunk damsel, film noir-style femme fatale, or just attending a black tie ball, you’ll always look the part with a pair of long gloves. And you can have a lot of fun seductively peeling them off at the end of the evening!

    These long satin gloves have just the right amount of stretch, so they fit a variety of sizes.

    Available in black, red and cream.

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Rose Petal Explosion

    Delicate details. Scented rose petals to create a romantic ambience for your lover which simply oozes sensuality. Decorate your boudoir, and fill every corner with their intoxicating aroma – to either transform your home into a love nest, or for an exciting surprise to take wherever you go.

    Content: fabric perfumed petals (100 pieces)

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Poême – Dark Chocolate Body Painting

    The most passionate verses penetrate the skin with all the intensity of the cocoa bean to stir the deepest desires.

    Body painting with melting texture and exquisite aroma that is meant for savoring with kisses and enjoyed with all five senses.

    Content: chocolate flavour body painting and plume (50 g).

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Melt My Heart Aphrodisia Massage Candle

    The flame of this candle lights up your desire. From the heat of its soft glow comes the essence of Bijoux Indiscrets, a fragrance inspired by the Kama Sutra that combines rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and oriental spices.

    For a sensual massage with aroma of Aphrodisia, light this scented candle and wait a few minutes until the wax and essences melt together to form a rich balsam. Start the massage with gentle circular movements all over the body and finish with delicate caresses.

    Content: Aphrodisia Scented Massage Candle (70g)